Month: September 2017

Paint me

Paint me with your brush in the way only you can I love the colors you choose your strokes your brush Fill the outline choose the shades Make me a fantasy to remember forever

Nice story set in Nice (France)

This is a nice story about someone nice who met someone not so nice, in Nice. The nice one said: “How nice! You’re in Nice?” The not so nice one: “Yes, I’m in Nice, and I’m actually nice even though people say I’m not nice.” The nice one: “Nice to know you’re actually nice! Please continue…

How do I know?

How do I know you’re the one? Because I saw the lost look in your eyes that told me you were searching Searching for me….. PS: Poetry bites

Is Today the Day?

Is today the day for a confession of my eternal and ardent obsession Should I reveal I’m crazy about you and can love none else but you? Will words be sweeter than silence or will they break this breathtaking dream? Is today the day for a confession of my eternal and ardent obsession…..  

The Economics of Ramnavami

The two festivals that I remember vividly from my stay in Calcutta are Durga Puja and Ramnavami. However surprisingly, have more lucid memories of Ramnavami, though it was celebrated on a much smaller scale than Dussehra. Also got my first economics lesson around then. This festival which usually falls in April is celebrated very differently…

Idlis for Bollywood Aunty

Going back from sixteen to six – when I was in Calcutta. The neighborhood that I stayed in Salt Lake City was surprisingly mostly a neighborhood of Marwadis and North Indians and I was exposed to very little Bengali because most of the neighbors and area kids spoke Hindi. As a result of this, within…

My Experiences with Ghosts

Today’s topic is ghosts! Yes, I’ve selected a ghost poem and written about my experiences with ghosts. The poem is a “Summer Night” by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809 -1892), who was Poet Laureate during Queen Victoria’s reign. It’s a very beautiful poem with lovely imagery in which the poet is asking his dead beloved’s ghost…

Bangalore bakeries

“Bangalore Bakeries” My fondest memories of Bangalore are those connected with food. Like everyone else, I believe that my hometown has the best food 🙂 Of course there’s a lot to write about dining in Bangalore, but today I’ll stick to the ubiquitous “Iyengar Bakery” that used to be found in every nook and corner.…

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