The Infatuation – Part 3

The Infatuation – Part 3

I began ardent planning on how to “fix a date” and thus proceed to the next level. However, it was not an easy task. Because it was quite obvious that he didn’t think much of me or even have a very good impression. To him, I was probably the perpetually hungry kid on the block who showed up unfailingly before mealtimes to exploit the kindness of his wife. He hardly ever talked to me even though his wife was very attached to me and insisted that I show up every day.

But the situation improved one day after I casually remarked to them that I’d got my final exam results and that I’d stood first in my class. There was a look of utter surprise on his face when he heard that. So I went on to explain that it was nothing unusual and that I’ve been topping my class since many years. After this revelation, he started talking to me on and off and the most frequent question would be regarding my future career – what did I want to do?

Unfortunately, I had no clear idea regarding what I wanted to do. So each time, I’d blabber out the name of a different profession. However, when he once asked me the same question yet again, I decided to be truthful and told him that I want to be a housewife like aunty (his wife). It seemed to be a wonderful choice because one could be stress-free and have a lot of free time to pursue one’s hobbies like cooking, writing, gardening etc.

But like many others, he didn’t seem to approve of this plan and said “that’ll be a criminal waste of human intelligence. You should consider doing an MBA at one of the IIM’s. Nowadays MBA grads are getting great jobs and some of them even earn more than doctors”. Was thrilled to hear this, especially the first bit that indicated that he finally had a positive impression and thought I was intelligent.

After that I felt more confident about popping the question. Finally, one day, I decided to dress up nicely and go to their house and ask him out for lunch or dinner. Those days “Kanchi cotton” dresses were in fashion and they used to be in horrifyingly bright and gaudy colors – I had parrot green, bright pink and orange ones. Decided to choose the parrot green because I got a few compliments the last time I wore it. I’d have loved to use some make-up, but had no access to it or even knowledge of it because my mother never used it. The only other extra could be nail polish and I chose a bright red one and finally ended up at his doorstep looking very much like a parrot with red claws, and rang the doorbell.

He opened the door and told me immediately that “Reema is out of station and has left for a few days to attend a marriage”, hinting that I should be leaving. But I replied very earnestly “I’ve come to meet you, I want to discuss something”. He didn’t seem very happy, but said “OK, come in”.

But it wasn’t easy to get to the point at once, so I first asked him questions on stock market investing. He was big time into investing in stocks and had also suggested to me a couple of times that I should start as well, because the earlier one started – the better it was. After warming up with stocks and shares, I finally mustered enough courage and asked him “Would you like to go to MTR sometime and have their Ghee Masala Dosa? That’s the best South Indian restaurant in Bangalore and I don’t think you’ve been there yet.” But he replied with a grimace “No, no…. I’m not really into South Indian food”.

It was disappointing to hear that, but I tried once more “What about Coconut Grove on MG Road? That’s a brand new restaurant that serves only coastal cuisine. Few of my friends went there recently and were raving about the fish curry”. When he heard this, he initially seemed a bit perplexed and then somewhat alarmed. On the other hand, I was eagerly hoping that fish curry would do the trick that Masala Dosa couldn’t. After taking a few minutes to think it over and then giving me a very intense look he said “Sure, let’s wait for Reema to return. Then we all can go together, and we must also invite your mother and brother as well.” I can’t even describe how disappointing it was to hear this response after all the anticipation. Therefore, I never ever got to go on the “date” 🙁 🙁

Neither did I try to broach the topic again. And surprisingly, I realized that I was a remarkably resilient person and got over the crush very quickly, and soon moved on to other interests.

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  1. 19 Sep 2017 at 3:41 pm

    Aparna a very well described infatuation.
    Tell you the truth, I have experienced it
    Great post

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