Month: July 2018

Munshi Premchand

जीवन को सफल बनाने के लिए शिक्षा की जरुरत है, डिग्री की नहीं| हमारी डिग्री है ~ हमारा सेवा भाव, हमारी नम्रता, हमारे जीवन की सरलता| अगर यह डिग्री नहीं मिली, अगर हमारी आत्मा जागृत नहीं हुई तो कागज की डिग्री व्यर्थ है| ~ मुंशी प्रेमचंद (To lead a successful life, we need education but…

When You Walked Out

When you walked out Life lost all its poetry as I wandered through time Never found symmetry or the joy sublime that made me want to write in ecstasy and delight PS: Photo of rain strewed Parijat flowers on a path in the monsoon.

The Daydream

I invited life to my desolate home and you walked in disguised as love filled my days with delight and laughter thought the joy would last forever But the castle crumbled into the air the daydream ended in a nightmare Love’s an illusion and life unreal yet those deceptive moments made living worthwhile

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