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Souvenirs from Lucknow, India

Visited Lucknow two years ago and loved the city, and the “Chikankari” there. “Chikankari” is a delicate and artfully done hand embroidery – traditional to Lucknow. Ended up checking out quite a bit and also buying many. There’s nothing more exhilarating or exonerating than being able to convert a vice into a virtue 🙂 🙂 …

Nice story set in Nice (France)

This is a nice story about someone nice who met someone not so nice, in Nice. The nice one said: “How nice! You’re in Nice?” The not so nice one: “Yes, I’m in Nice, and I’m actually nice even though people say I’m not nice.” The nice one: “Nice to know you’re actually nice! Please continue…

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The tiny sliver of Colorado river carved the mighty Grand Canyon And exposed layer after layer of rocks and ores on it’s run   Millions of years of history revealed by the landscape A stunning swirling mystery of trails, gorges and shapes   Words cannot really describe the magic of it’s natural wonder So impossible…

My Travel Story

Life was weary Days were dreary Needed a break. Checked out mountains Looked up lakes Booked few weeks. Packed my bags Took my flight Was on my way. Checked into cheer Rooms with views and yummy breakfast. Road after road Loved the colors Clicked many pictures. Colorful memories of my journeys My travel stories.

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