Valley of Fire, Las Vegas, Nevada


Photographs of the ‘Valley of Fire’ state park in the US state of Nevada, an hour from Las Vegas. The park was named thus because it has beautiful red sandstone formations, that often appear to be on fire when reflecting the sun’s rays. This park is very popular for photography and film shooting. Many scenes in the movie “Total Recall”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger were shot in the Valley of Fire.

However, my first visit turned out to be quite an eerie experience! Thanks to the summer heat (above 42 Celsius) when we drove into the park, we realized that our’s was the only car and we were the only (crazy) people inside the park. We saw no human being even at the entrance, since the ticketing was automated.

The unusual landscape was beautiful, but felt unreal and scary like a science-fiction set, especially since it was desolate 🙁 🙁  So after driving for about 10 minutes, we stopped and clicked some quick pics, took a U turn and drove right out….probably missing some really spectacular scenery ahead…..

Hope to venture into it again sometime during better weather.

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