Bhagalpuri Silk

Attended a seminar today in a Bhagalpuri silk kurta and dupatta that I’d purchased a couple of years ago in an exhibition, directly from a weaver. He had lots of fabric in different ethnic colours and designs, and very elegant dupattas. This variety of silk is very beautiful yet affordable, and even their saris are very nice.

Bhagalpur is the third largest city in Bihar, situated on the Ganges, and is also called the “silk city”. It has been associated with the silk industry for hundreds of years, and is famous all over India for its “Tussar” Silk & Bhagalpuri Saris. Tussar silk (also known as Kosa silk) is produced from the larvae of silkworms belonging to the genus “Antheraea”, it’s valued for it’s rich texture and natural deep gold colour.

This silk is distinct because of it’s texture, unique dyeing techniques using vegetable dyes, and traditional motifs and designs. Do try to incorporate this beautiful variety of silk into your wardrobe. It’s great for daily wear.

Still remember the long chat I had with the weaver. He told me about how they were trying to preserve their business by innovating and coming up with new designs and techniques. They had started making linen fabric etc. He also turned out to be very generous, because at the end of my purchase, he gifted me two free dupattas 🙂 🙂 Also have a Bhagalpuri sari that I still have to wear and click pics in someday…..


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