World Soil Day

Today (Dec 5) is “World Soil Day” – a day demarcated to bring attention to soil pollution and erosion. Needless to say, it’s a very important day! Feel quite strongly about this topic because my father was a soil scientist – I also have a lovely farm view from my new apartment and get to see the changing soil landscape every few months…..  😉

Soil conservation should be one of our topmost priorities because the quality and quantity of food we produce depend on it. We need stricter environmental regulations to prevent soil pollution with heavy metals, harmful chemicals, antibiotics, plastics, garbage in landfills, e-waste, non treated sewage, and excessive pesticides. Many of these pollutants are permeating into our everyday food, threatening soil quality and have very harmful effects.

The theme this year is “Be the solution to soil pollution”. You can help by:

– Demanding stricter regulations.
– Preferring organically grown food.
– Reducing waste by recycling.
– Cutting plastic use.
– Planting more trees.

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