“Basics” of International Relations by a Dummy (Me) 

citypalaceMany times, when I read the News, I get really baffled by what’s going on around me. Therefore, I like to stick my finger into subjects that I don’t have much expertise in and try to analyze them. Simply don’t understand that irrespective of party affiliations, political ideology, ethnicity, etc. why we shouldn’t be on the side of our own country, instead of on the side of a non-secular state (if secularism is indeed cherished by us). Why is it considered politically correct to side with an enemy whose aim is to break us apart or weaken us?! Absolutely baffles me!

Great that at least someone in the opposition agrees with the government and makes total sense, unlike some others. (refer to the link below) Long back, a very senior person involved in national security explained to me that Western powers don’t consider Pakistan as a threat, but would love to do anything to contain India’s and China’s power because they are perceived as future threats. Hence, many politicians in the West support Pakistan on several issues even though it is obviously not secular and supports terrorism (however, they might be doing it legitimately, in the interest of their own countries). It’s an easy way to contain India (China does the same). So, its foolish of us to take their (Western diplomats) preaching on any issue seriously, especially when they’re such big hypocrites themselves and are thinking only of their self-interest.

But, what I don’t understand is why some Indian intellectuals and journalists support the efforts of Western powers? (Many of them, curiously, live in the West). Do we want to be subservient to the West even after gaining Independence? Can’t we think for ourselves and have some self-respect? Shouldn’t we be thinking about what happens to our national security if we succumb to their unscrupulous moves?  🙁

Isn’t it time for Indians to adopt an independent and intelligent perspective over issues without blindly following the West? I think we are fully capable of doing so. However, I’m not a scholar in Political Science or  International Relations, hence I might be very wrong. Would love to hear the counters……….. I’m open-minded and always willing to learn 🙂



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