The Bryce Canyon National Park


Lovely road to Bryce Canyon…


Cedar Breaks.


Cedar Breaks.


The National Park.


The orange landscape.




Sunset orange…


Photographs from my breathtaking trip to the Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, USA. It turned out to be a great place to visit during the summer (July 2016) because it has a high elevation and perfect, mild weather – neither too cold nor too hot.

This park is a large natural amphitheater (from certain viewpoints, it resembles Roman or Greek ruins), and has the largest collection of “Hoodoos” in the world. I had no idea what hoodoos are, so I did some research. 🙂  They are rock spires formed by the erosion caused by frost and acid rain.

The colors in this park are simply out of the world! The landscape consists of various shades and combinations of pink, orange, and red, depending on the season and time of the day. Therefore, it’s amazing to hike along the rim of the canyons, and among the Hoodoos. However, I could spend just a few hours there on this trip. Plan to be back for a longer holiday, next time. 🙂

Passed through the “Cedar Breaks” as well while driving to this park., they are also gorgeous geological formations created by erosion.

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