A Love Story from Maheshwar


The Chattri of Bulley Sarkar.



Suraj Bibi’s Tomb.


The organic garden.


50 mango saplings!! 🙂


Old monuments and palaces are full of stories and we got to hear this tragic tale of Bulley Sarkar and Suraj Bibi, and it was very similar to that of Romeo and Juliet.

On the Narmada Ghat in Maheshwar, there’s a beautiful Chhatri (tomb) – of Prince Bulley Sarkar, next to that of a dancing girl Suraj Bibi. Apparently, they were in love and wanted to marry but faced a lot of opposition. One day, the distraught prince threatened to consume poison and kill himself and someone wrongly conveyed to the lady that the prince had actually killed himself. Unfortunately, Suraj Bibi thought he was dead and stabbed herself to death.

When the prince got to know of her death, he was heartbroken and died within a month. Both of them have been buried in the same complex.

Unable to manage the property anymore, the descendants of Bulley Sarkar handed it over recently to Prince Richard Holkar who owns Ahilya Fort. He has converted the land into an organic garden, and vegetables from here are used at Ahilya fort. The gardener we met there told us that he had planted 50 mango saplings that day!

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