The Night Sky


I walk into the darkness

beckoned by the heavens

and look up at patterns in the sky

moving along in slow motion

from East to West

imposing Scorpius, unmistakable

with his menacing tail

a veritable nightmare

then I spot Jupiter

alone yet unflinching, spectacular

the many faint glimmers

I try to resolve with my naked eye

lost galaxies, dying stars, clusters

the vast probability

has many a possibility

as I calculate

Lo’ all begins to get hazy

in the spreading light

of the rising moon

and I retire

hoping tomorrow

to rise earlier than the moon


PS: Wrote this poem long ago when I was in college, and interested in stargazing. Used to meticulously keep track of the moonrise and moonset times, because one can stargaze only when the moon is not around – the moonlight obscures everything else.

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