Immersing the Goddess

I carved her out of my many dreams
She was my worthiest creation
She improved with every molding
and I reveled in the modeling

I gently twisted and turned the clay
till she grew more expressive each day
And added the many tiny touches
as well as myriad colors to my brushes

I grew obsessed with my possession
that had begun to possess me
I never ceased to add more and more
and I never ceased to adore

One day, I decided to bring her to life
so she could inspire me forever
But, it was a Goddess and not real
they warned me dreams were unreal

I anguished through the nine nights
Or were they nine long years?
I let go and clung and again let go
till I was consumed by fears

Finally, in a fit of bleak desperation
breaking through all the bondage
I carried my Goddess to the ocean
and immersed her into oblivion


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