#MeToo – 2

Sharing a great article that illustrates the psychological and evolutionary reasons as to why men (all around the world) are such jerks, when it comes to judging women:


Here’s an excerpt from it, and you can click on the link to read all of it:

“Most women have probably experienced being friendly around a man, only to have it be misinterpreted as flirtatiousness. Simple signals of interest in a conversation — smiling, laughing, being interested in a conversation — are all somehow perceived as come-ons. Straight men, research has found, are a lot more likely than straight women to fool themselves into thinking someone is romantically interested in them when they aren’t.”

There has a lot of research been done in this area, and there’s another very good journal article that I came across when I was doing my PhD – looking for the citation and will share it soon. Apparently, 70% men feel instinctively attracted to women working under them due to evolutionary reasons (thank God for the 30%). Research shouldn’t be used as an excuse to condone bad behavior, but we can use it to understand ourselves, our fallibilities, and the world around us, so that we can make it a better place.


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