Don’t lose focus

Recently came across this wonderful article that has great tips on how to be more focused in life. Nowadays, we have too many distractions – the cellphone, social media, hobbies…etc. and very often, we end up feeling lost. Felt really happy reading this and summarized the main points, so that I can implement it easily. Here’s the summary – hope it’s helpful!

1. Write down your top 4-5 priorities and always keep them at the top of your mind.
– Post those priorities in your office, home and on your bathroom mirror.
– Identify activities that steal your time – figure out how to prevent that.
– Limit screen time, shut down the phone periodically.

2. Schedule the most important tasks of the day – and don’t multitask them with other activities.

3. Try to get more organized.

4. Think positively, and don’t waste time on negative emotions like anger, guilt, regret, etc.

5. Try and choose stuff you enjoy doing, or try to make your work more fun.


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