Pingali Venkayya

pingaliToday (August 2) is the birth anniversary of Pingali Venkayya – the freedom fighter who designed the Indian tricolor or our national flag.

Venkayya was a Gandhian who had met Gandhiji when he was a young soldier in the British Army in Africa. He belonged to the village of Bhatlapenumarru in Andhra Pradesh and was researching national flags and their designs. In 1921, Gandhiji himself asked Venkayya to design a flag. This flag was first accepted as the flag of the Indian National Congress in 1931 and later on as the Indian flag.

He was also an educationist and an authority in geology and agriculture, however, it’s sad that he was forgotten and died in poverty in 1963. Much later in 2009 – a postage stamp was issued in his memory.


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